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Urban Wedding & Lifestyle Photography | South Wales

Part of the lifestyle images, this photograph was taken near Woodland Park in Newport, South Wales. We had literally come to the end of the session when I noticed the sun casting a beautiful light over this part of the street. This is a beautiful urban setting as opposed to the usual park scenery, and the and pavement gave a great 'street' look to the image. As you can probably tell, I like to have my subject in any place other than the centre of the image. For me, it is rare to place the subject in the middle as I like to use interesting and compelling composition. The leading lines of the fence and the shallow depth of field make for, in my opinion, an awesome photograph. I've discussed the use of black and white in my portfolio before, and I thought it very much suited this image, for the simple reason that there was little colour in the first place, and it drew your eye towards Erin even more so than when it was in colour. I added some contrast and a more 'gritty' look to the fence to make it more interesting, and used a vignette around the fence to draw your eye to the subject. By placing Erin in a position where the sun was to her back it created a kicker light, separating her from the dark background of the street we were on which had a lot of cars, house and garages about and even a motorbike!