New House Cardiff Wedding Photography
Mark Nicholls Photography: Wedding Photographer, Cardiff, South Wales

New House Cardiff Wedding Photography

So we had already done some amazing couple portraits of Richard and Megan, and Richard asks me for a photo by the big tree. "oh no" I thought, as a thousand badly taken images of couples doing 'peek-a-boo' around the tree fizzed through my mind. That said, I'm here for the client so I gladly obliged. Well, I had no idea that the tree was a giant Sequoia Cypress that is nearly 120 metres tall! Apparently one of the biggest in South Wales and certainly in Cardiff. I saw it and I just knew that 'peek-a-boo' wasn't going to be happening here. I knew I could make something spectacular.

I positioned and posed the couple to the left, and my assistant hid behind the tree and lit the couple from the back. Unlike the other images that I took that day, which were mainly focused on people and moments, this image shows the couple in a much wider space, in the shadow of this amazing huge tree.

Location: Cardiff, South Wales.