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Ana Brandt TAOPAN magazine Multiples Issue

Officially as seen in the Multiples issue of Ana Brandt TAOPAN magazine!

We recently had the pleasure of photographing newborn baby boy/girl twins, Archie and Elsie, and what a pleasure it was! Archie and Elsie's Mum, Charlotte, had enquired about newborn photography just after she found out she was expecting twins, as she knew this was going to be a very precious occasion, doubly so! The babies came a bit earlier than they were meant to (quite normal with twins however) and they had to stay in hospital for a bit longer, so that meant the usual 14 day window for doing a newborn shoot had to be extended until they were well enough to come to us, and here they are at 4 weeks old, and despite the general rule that you must do a baby shoot within 2 weeks, these two were an absolute dream to work with. I had bought the baskets they were in only a few days beforehand, as I wanted a unique way of photographing them both together, but in a way that meant they didn't have to be asleep at the same time - this image is actually a composite, as they were asleep at different times, so I arranged the baskets and photographed each baby individually, and blended the two images together in photosI was thrilled then when this image won "highly commended" from the Society of Photographers! 

Location: Blackwood.