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Engagement & Wedding Photography Cardiff Millennium Centre, South Wales

Taken in Cardiff South Wales, outside the Millennium Center. This is a great place to shoot, as this building, with its distinct architecture produces an interesting background element. The sun had already disappeared here and we had already captured some stunning golden hour portraits. However, when the sun goes down, that doesn't mean we have to stop shooting. The building behind was lit up, but the couple, due to lack of sun, were cast in shadow. This is where a good photographer will bring out some external light. Positioned off to camera-right, the angled light produces some texture and dimension, which had the light been mounted on the camera, would have given a very flat and boring light. You may ask why i didn't try and incorporate the entire building? This would not have been the wrong thing to do, but the texture and features of this building is so distinct, that even the small amount in the frame is recognisable, but makes the mind work a little harder to realise it. This in my opinion, makes it a stronger image.

Location: Cardiff.