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Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer | Newport & Cardiff

We went to Belle Vue Park in Newport, South Wales, to create some unique portrait photography. Erin was happy to create some alternative looks that are equally as beautiful and very dramatic looking. Her striking eyes were the focal point in the image, and using a shallow depth of field and some interesting foreground, I was able to take a gorgeous image. We started off staking images inside the building at Belle Vue park initially, but the sun decided it was going to be kind and come out for a bit. Belle Vue Park in Newport has beautiful open scenery, with trees, a small park for the children, and a lovely little cafe. It is quite popular for wedding photographs to be taken here, and provides the perfect setting. Summer weddings can produce some wonderful images. If you were to get married in the summer then you'd have plenty of greenery to incorporate in your photographs. Erin had an amazing tattoo on her inner arm, and I really wanted to incorporate that into the shoot somehow, but still retain the elegant feel to the image. I felt it provided an 'edgy' contrast to the feminine nature of the picture. This kind of look can be recreated anywhere with a bit of grass, and isn't specific to parks. The aim of this shoot was to create something for teenagers. Photo sessions are either for babies, young children, families or weddings, yet I find it funny that the age group that is most camera aware has little to no way of having a professional photograph taken. This was a young adult session, which was named so to inform teenage clients that there is something available for them that means they will be treated as the young adults that they are.

Location: Newport, South Wales.