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Maes Manor Wedding Photos

Maes Manor Hotel Wedding Photography

Another image from the Maes Manor in South Wales, and my favourite from this particular wedding. I've found myself shooting here a lot in my career and i'm never disappointed by that. The driveway is somewhat of a signature image of mine, and whilst I try and give everyone a unique set of images, this shot just always works.

It was quite late in the day and we had just done the family photos in the ballroom after dinner. I like to use this time between the dinner and the evening party to get pictures as the time constraints have been removed, a few drinks have flowed and to be honest - there's seldom little else going on at this time of day. Oh, and how could I forget that especially on a sunny day, the light is a better quality just before sunset.

The rain really was relentless, but the couple decided to brave the wet stuff as I just knew we could make something epic. The comfort of my clients is always paramount, so we gave them an umbrella for the majority of the time we were outside. Many of the shots were taken with the umbrella, but in fairness to them, they didn't mind getting wet for 30 seconds while I quickly grabbed a few shots without it.

I managed to make this otherwise standard shot different by making use of the petulant rain that we had on the day. By lighting it up from behind the couple using my Elinchrom flash unit, I was able to make the rain a really interesting element in the picture. This is the UK, and I really need to work with whatever weather we are given, rather than moan about it. One of my favourite images so far in 2018.

Location: Maes Manor Hotel Blackwood.