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The Manor Crickhowell Wedding Photographer

I've mentioned before, that being a wedding photographer near Cardiff, there are so many beautiful venues to photograph at, that any South Wales wedding photographer is really spoilt for choice!

When we were booked to photograph a wedding at the Manor Hotel in Crickhowell (nr Abergavenny), I knew instantly that I was going to get some great pictures!

The views at this place are stunning, though this scene was actually meant for a different spot at the venue.

About a year before I'd clocked a nice little pocket of light on the driveway, which was perfectly framed by the trees along the drive. 

However, the venue had not long after cut back some of the trees, which meant come the day I had to think on my feet and find something alternative, plus we weren't getting sun for the whole of the day.

During a very short break in the clouds (and I mean VERY short!) Cher joined us just outside the venue where, for a brief part of the day, the sun shone at just the right angle, for just enough time, and this incredibly beautiful image is the result.

This will probably remain, for a very long time at least, one of my most favourite images I've ever taken.

Location: The Manor, Crickhowell, South Wales.