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St Davids Hotel Cardiff Wedding Photograph

To get warmed up creatively at the start of the day, and also to get everyone feeling comfortable with our presence, we firstly gather all of the special items of the bride. In this instance, it was the bride's beautiful engagement and wedding rings. I used her ring box to provide a visual interest to the image.

The Copthorne Hotel is a wonderful venue for a Cardiff Wedding. Situated on the very Western edge of Cardiff, it is easily accessible from the City Centre, and all other directions with it being situated just off the main link road, connecting to the rest of South Wales. It is a very modern building, but do not let that make you assume that it is featureless. The foyer and reception area are full of rustic stone features, and it has a really nice warm, lodge style feel to it.

This image was taken using the 90mm macro lens. There really is no substitute to this lens for taking close up pictures of items like jewelry. It provides real 1:1 magnification, and should I wish to, I can also get a lot closer than this.

Location: cardiff, south wales.