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Top Cardiff Wedding Photographer

The South Wales Wedding Photographer will often find himself taking pictures in Cardiff Bay. This was during an engagement session, and we deliberately chose this time of day to do the session. This is what the Cardiff Wedding Photographer might call 'golden hour'. During this time of day, the sunlight changes to a warm golden colour, and it's intensity reduces to the extent that i can directly light someones face, without causing a nasty shadows, or cause my subject to squint. In this image, i decided to use the sun to light Carly from the back, giving this gorgeous halo of light. I hope you would agree that this is a really nice image. During an engagement session, i am really only using one lens, and that is the incredibly versatile 70-200 f/2.8 lens. Whilst i would use no less than five lenses during a wedding, the engagement session is essentially a portrait session. I believe that there is no better lens than this for taking beautiful portraits. The long focal length is extremely flattering to the face and body, whereas a shorter or wider angle lens will distort around the edges. This can give a kind of warped, big nose/small ears look that i simply do not want. It can also make the body look bigger and rounder than it actually is, and i'm yet to meet any woman who wants to look bigger and rounder. This was a fantastic session, and we took many images at the National Assembly of Wales and the Millennium Centre. I very much look forward to shooting her again, hopefully during a St David's Hotel Wedding.