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Wedding Photography at Maes Manor, Blackwood

Taken on the driveway of Maes Manor Hotel in Blackwood, South Wales (not too far from Cardiff, actually!) 

This scene is a popular one for brides and groom on their wedding day, though can look very different depending on the weather, the couple and obviously the photographer! 

As it was early wedding season, the stones on the driveway had been freshly painted, the trees were acquiring their leaves, and it all fitted in perfectly to create a beautiful archway of blurred foliage around this amazing couple. 

Chelsey had actually bought two wedding dresses for her wedding day, and this was the second of the two, though she kept the same veil and tiara.

Hair and make-up was by the very talented Anna Williams of Blackwood, who created a flawless wedding day look for the bride and her bridal party.