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Weddings at The Manor Crickhowell

Weddings at the Manor Crickhowell in South Wales

Its been nearly two years since I photographed this beautiful wedding in Crickhowell. Cher and her maid of honour Pookie met us at a wedding fayre and we clicked instantly. I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the day especially as I was relatively early on in my career as a wedding photographer.

There were so many amazing moments at this event. Some of them I've shared here on the website, and I also have a sample album of this wedding at our studio that is available to view on request. If you're planning a wedding at The Manor, I'd love to hear from you as I'm very keen to get back there soon.

This image was taken during the getting ready part of the day. As you can see the bride is already in her dress, and because she was running on time, we managed to get some stunning portraits in the gown and with her bridesmaids. If there is one tip I would give, is please try and run on time. All too often the opportunity to take some images of the bride in her dress before the ceremony are taken away from us, as the day is running late. Whatever time you think you need, add 30 minutes and you can't go wrong.

The father of the bride surprised Cher with a bouquet of flowers upon his arrival. Cher was already placed in the best lighting scenario by myself, and the moment was then just allowed to happen.

Location: Brecon Rd, Crickhowell NP8 1SE.