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Beautiful Wedding Photography | Newport, South Wales

As a wedding photographer in South Wales, living almost right in the middle of Caerphilly, Cardiff and Newport, I'm spolit for choice when it comes to finding a beautiful location to do portraiture - there's plenty to choose from! We choose Belle Vue park in Newport for this setting (thought it could have been done anywhere), as I wanted to make use of the staircase they had within their cafe area. This was a lifestyle shoot where the aim was to show how regardless of the weather, the setting and the clothes the person was wearing, we could still create beautiful images. When it comes to editing my photographs, there are times when I choose to have the image in colour, and times when I choose to have the image in black and white. This is a personal and subjective choice. Some prefer colour, others prefer black and white. I tend to put images in black and white if the colours are distracting from the story the image is telling, if they're a it dull and cannot be brightened up without looking to over-processed, or if I want to create an image with a striking amount of contrast. We choose to put this image in black and white for the purpose of accentuate the eyeliner and eyelashes. They're only a small section of the overall photo but prominent nonetheless. We created a compelling image by not including all of Erin's face, throwing the focal point right up in the corner of the image to make an overall interesting image. With a shallow depth of field and focusing on the eye, the background became indistinct, which, again, means I can create a beautiful image almost anywhere in any weather.

Location: Cardiff, South Wales.