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South Wales Wedding Ring Pictures

For each of my wedding clients I provide them with an image that really shows off their wedding rings. This is where your wedding journey began, with the presenting and accepting of the engagement ring. It's also, along with your wedding photographs, one of the few items that need to last you for the rest of your life, and hopefully be passed down to the next generation. My macro lens is what I use to take the photographs of the wedding rings. It means I can capture the tiniest of details, such as the claws that securely hold the diamond, and the diamond itself in all its glory. Should their be an engraving on the ring, I can clearly capture this which creates a wonderful focal point in the wedding album. I often 'set the stage' for such photographs using some interesting composition, some good light (both natural and artificial) and items that are unique to that clients wedding day in the background. This could be the brides purse, a shiny surface at the venue, the brides shoe, the bouquet - anything! This was actually taken using a fibre optic lamp in the background! No two ring photographs are ever the same, making my style of photography unique to each individual client and their requirements.

Location: Cardiff, South Wales.