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Best South Wales Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer South Wales

When I'm looking for images of South Wales Weddings to display, I'm looking for a few different things. Maybe it's a new venue that I want to work at in the future, it may be an unbelievable moment that just needs to be shared for example. In this situation though, it was all about the light, the scene and the composition.

Hensol Castle is a wonderful place to take images, and whilst I've been there many times, I'm always looking to create something unique for every client. This process actually happens fairly organically through hunting for the light. As I mentioned I'm here a lot, but its rare that I'll be taking photos at the same location at the same time. Light changes pretty fast, especially at the latter stages of the day. Literally 2 minutes before we had to abandon a shot because the light simply disappeared from where I saw it a few minutes before. In the shot time it took to walk to that spot, the light had made like a tree, and left!

One door closes, and another one opens. Looking back at the lake I planned this shot in my minds eye. Part of the water was extremely bright and I know that where there is such a huge difference in exposure value I can make a pretty cool silhouette. I positioned the couple then composed the image. A few were taken, but this particular one was actually taken by Rhianne, who was armed with a wider angle lens, and she composed this perfectly using the trees to frame the couple and then juxtaposed them against the bright water on the lake.

Location: Hensol Castle Park, Hensol CF72 8JX.