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Weddings at St Pierre in Chepstow

One of the great things about being a wedding photographer in South Wales, is the fact that every weekend I get to spend the day at a magnificent wedding venue.

I really love to shoot weddings at St Pierre in Chepstow. As I've mentioned on other images, the whole venue is rich in possibilities for making amazing images. Probably the best thing about this place, is that I know that I can create images in any weather or time of day. St Pierre is as impressive inside as it is outside and that really helps as it almost guarantees the client amazing photographs.

So here then, we have an image of a best man giving his speech. This happens at pretty much every wedding, and usually turns into The Roast of The Groom. My job here is to capture the action and reaction of the speech being given, and sometimes as in this case, one image perfectly captures both elements. 

You can clearly see that the best man here is very pleased with himself and the roast that he is delivering. In the background then you can see the groom, the bride and the mother of the groom clearly exasperated by what they had just heard. 

I will be totally honest here, I'm not particularly fond of how the lighting was in the room. A white curtain close to the top table is always a challenge and I struggled to create the depth and mood, but the primary aim is to get the image! Here the moment trumps any technical difficulties and makes those difficulties insignificant. I often display images for their technical excellence, but in this case the moment that was happening was just too good to not share with you all.

Location: St Pierre Park, Chepstow NP16 6YA.