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Canada Lodge Wedding Photography in Cardiff

I loved every minute of this South Wales Wedding at Canada Lodge and Lake in Cardiff.

The guys here and their small gathering of close family and friends were an absolute delight. I'd be tempted to say that the only problem we had was the rain, but that really wasn't a problem. As a wedding photographer, especially here in 'sunny' South Wales, I would be in for a life of disappointment if I always wish for a bright sunny day at every wedding. With our changeable climate, I try not to even think about the weather on the day, I simply come prepared.

This image was actually taken in some pretty heavy rain. Even in these conditions though, we can still find good quality of light to take a nice picture, and these two guys gave me a lovely moment to photograph here which I am very happy with. I experimented here with a wide aperture prime lens. My go-to for this scenario would usually be my 70-200 racked out to 200mm, but I wanted something that would make the lake behind them really creamy. Enter the 'cream machine' itself the 85mm 1,4. This lens is usually only used during bridal prep, to combat the usual low lighting, to blur our clutter and to draw focus to the subject. I have to say though, it makes a pretty good portrait lens as well.

We absolutely champion diversity in the wedding industry, and it is always an honour to be asked to photograph a same sex wedding. I'm even loathed to call it that, as really it's just a wedding, plain and simple, doesn't need an adjective. When you attend as many weddings we we do, you come to realise that love is love, and where love exists I can take great pictures.

Location: Canada Lodge and Lake Heol Pant-y-Gored, Creigiau, Cardiff, CF15 9NF.