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Weddings at Hensol Castle South Wales

Hensol Castle weddings have become something of a day job for me at the moment. I find myself here photographing a wedding a lot, and I have to admit I really can't complain, as I absolutely adore the place. I'd shoot here every weekend if I could as the scope for wedding pictures is limitless. If you're having a wedding in South Wales, I seriously suggest that you check this place out.

This particular event was held in the depths of winter. the 23rd of December to be exact, so it was wonderfully planned to mix in the excitement of Christmas that was only two days away. Shooting in winter presents itself with a very different set of challenges when compared to a summer wedding. Specifically the low levels of light. Many photographers out there can come unstuck when faced with such conditions as a specific set of skills are required to deal with it. Of course, you can flash everything, but you would then be provided with a very below average set of images. I am specifically trained to look for quality light, even where the quantity of light is very low. Modern cameras are very sensitive these days, and you'd be surprised by what they can pick up if you know what you're looking for.

The situation here wasn't too difficult, as we still had some natural light left. We had just finished a portrait session down by the lake which went very well indeed. There is always another opportunity for pictures though on the walk back, so I went ahead of them and asked them to walk slowly and interact with each other. I really liked the misty effect that was happening, and it made what was already a good solid image something a little more extraordinary, and thus has made it onto the website.

An image is nothing without gesture as I've mentioned when talking about other images, and this image certainly has that.

Location: Hensol Castle Park, Hensol CF72 8JX.