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Celtic Manor Wedding Photographer

I just can't stop sharing images from this amazing wedding at the Celtic Manor Resort, near Cardiff in South Wales. What I really enjoy about the resort, is that it's so vast, that no wedding there is the same. People ask "have you shot the Celtic Manor before", to which my response is always "which part?"

This is during the bridal prep part of the day, as I'm sure you can guess by our bride's attire. The other lady here is the brides mother-in-law. Sadly her mum couldn't be with us, so this image for me is more poignant as I'm sure the gift that was just given means an awful lot to both of these ladies.

It's moments like this that get me motivated to shoot weddings. Every wedding has certain elements guaranteed. There will be a ceremony for example, guaranteed. Moments like this though are unique to their wedding. You may ask "was this staged?". The answer is "kind of!". I knew that a gift was going to be exchanged, and at the time they were standing in a part of the room which didn't have very good light. I simply asked if the gift could be opened in a different location, near the window. I may have set the scene here, but what happened after that is all their own.

Location: Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, South Wales.