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Wedding Photography at The New House in Cardiff

So we had already done some amazing couple portraits of Richard and Megan at the New House Hotel, and Richard asks me for a photo by the big tree. "oh no" I thought, as a thousand badly taken images of couples doing 'peek-a-boo' around the tree fizzed through my mind. That said, I'm here for the client so I gladly obliged. Well, I had no idea that the tree was a giant Sequoia Cypress that is nearly 120 metres tall! Apparently one of the biggest in South Wales and certainly in Cardiff. I saw it and I just knew that 'peek-a-boo' wasn't going to be happening here. I knew I could make something spectacular.

I positioned and posed the couple to the left, and my assistant hid behind the tree and lit the couple from the back. Unlike the other images that I took that day, which were mainly focused on people and moments, this image shows the couple in a much wider space, in the shadow of this amazing huge tree.

Location: Cardiff, South Wales.