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Miskin Manor Wedding Photographer

Being a South Wales wedding photographer is just the best thing ever, though it's an incredibly tough environment. There's a lot of competition out there, and the pressure to stand out from the cloud is what keeps me motivated at every wedding to pull amazing images out of the bag no matter what. The Wedding Photography market is so tough, it's a total honour when a couple chooses you to capture their big day.

Another one of my favourites at the Miskin Manor Hotel near Cardiff. I really enjoy photographing weddings at this venue for one main reason. It doesn't matter what the weather, or what time of day it is, I can easily make stunning images. 

This old Manor House has so much character and texture, and for my style thats right up my street. There is wedding photography fashion going on right now that is very light and airy with lots of pastel colours. Whilst I appreciate that done well, that style is beautiful, I prefer to create images that have a lot of drama and depth. To achieve this, coming indoors on a cloudy day is just the way to do it!

The light coming from a large open window is one of my favourite kinds of light. Without boring you too much, light travels in different directions in different scenarios, and when you get close to a window, that direction is horizontally. This means that when you light someones face, it is extremely beautiful and flattering. Have you ever noticed that you look better in some photos than others? Well, you aren't alone, and invariably its to do with the quality and the direction of the light on your face. Knowing how light behaves is crucial and its what separates the professionals from the 'faux-tographers'. 

Coming back to this image then, the weather had been kind to us for half the day and we got some really lovely shots of the couple. At this point though it was raining. If I can be honest, I'm glad it did as if we'd stayed outside I may not have been forced into being creative here. Sometimes the best photographs are made when you're simply looking to survive!

Location: Miskin Manor Hotel, Cardiff, South Wales.