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Hensol Castle Wedding Photography

The great thing about Hensol Castle, is that not only is it one of the finest wedding venues in South Wales, it is also an architectural masterpiece.

Recently renovated to host weddings by the already established Vale Hotel Resort, this venue has quickly become THE place for a South Wales Wedding. Ideally situated between the major cities of Cardiff and Swansea, it attracts Brides from a large radius.

As a wedding photographer, this place is a dream to take wedding photos. In this image, we waited until the sun had set, but not quite dark. I wanted to bring through some of the texture in the sky through to the final image. A little kick of light, and a nice moment, and here we have it.

This image also re-iterates the importance for us, at least, to only offer full day coverage to our clients. Your big day is a whole day, and we want to be there capturing moments from start to finish. Had we gone home after the species at 4pm, this image would not have been possible.

We have become renowned for taking stunning dusky night portraits, and our bride here actually requested this type of shot be taken as she had seen it on other events that i'd published. Before the big day, we actually spoke about taking this image between the reception and the evening party starting at around 7.30pm. At this time in April, the light was almost gone. It's the dark, but not totally dark aspect of this photo that really makes it stand out.

Location: Hensol Castle, Cardiff.