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New House Hotel Wedding Photographer

From my experience as a South Wales wedding photographer, sometimes the beauty in an image is in its simplicity. There isn't a whole lot going on here visually. Its the bride, groom, some grass and some trees. There's no architecture, no leading lines, no dramatic sky. Its just an incredibly wonderful moment between a man and a woman, and the lack of other distracting elements in this photo means that I've given you no other choice but to share this moment with them when you view this image.

This was my first time shooting at the New House Country Hotel in Cardiff, South Wales. As a wedding photographer, you may be surprised to learn that I like nothing better than to be thrown into a situation that I've not been in before. The reason is that as an image creator the one thing that kills creativity is habit and familiarity. If I'm in a new situation, it forces me to look for opportunities and really read how the light is behaving. This is contrary to knowing a place really well where it can be easy to simply default to what you already know. Not to say that is wrong, but for me its more exciting to have to figure things out.

This image was taken in August, so with an abundance of daylight available at that time of year, we elected to take the bride and groom portraits after the wedding breakfast. I'd say this was taken at around 7pm. Later in the day, the light is also a lot better quality. We didn't quite catch the sun here, but it was only slightly diffused by some thin cloud so we still got the gorgeous rim of light around the couple, although it is subtle.

This image is hanging proudly in my client's home, so its only natural that I would also choose this image for my website also.

I would strongly advise taking a look at the venue's website: New House Hotel

Location: The New House Country Hotel, Thornhill Road, Cardiff CF14 9UA.