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Weddings at The Celtic Manor in South Wales

I've posted a few images from this wonderful South Wales Wedding at the Celtic Manor Resort. That is a great sign that I really enjoyed not only the event itself, but the couple were absolutely wonderful to work with.

If Barack Obama is reading this, he may recognise this room, as allegedly, this is the Lodge where he stayed during the 2014 NATO Summit. This is something that our bride was quite excited about, and I don't blame her I'd be excited too.

During the day I'm constantly looking for quality sources of light to make compelling images. I'm afraid to say that many South Wales photographers will look for quantity of light, and have a more light the better attitude. As it's all subjective, it would be incorrect of me to say that they are wrong, but if my style is influenced by films that have a moody feel to them. Rather than everything be lit, often there are just slithers and shafts of light, and this is a well known technique to draw your eye to the desired subject. I try and bring that effect into my work wherever I can.

I saw this room and I knew that this would be the ideal place to put my client. I firstly did the most important thing - turn off all electrical lighting! Domestic light bulbs emit an orange coloured light, whereas natural daylight coming through the window has a blue hue to it. Our eyes can mix these colours and make sense of it in our minds, but a camera cannot. Where there are two different colours of light, I will either have blue skin, orange skin, or an even worse mixture of both. It is far easier to deal with just one light source. See, this photography malarkey isn't as easy as it looks is it? Always hire a professional!

After our bride had got into her dress, I asked her to just stand near the window and take a moment to herself. I like the way she glances at her hand, contemplating the extra ring that she will shorty be acquiring. 

Location: Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, South Wales.