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Weddings At The St Pierre Marriott in South Wales

I simply cannot resist sharing with you another photo from this wonderful wedding at St Pierre in South Wales. 

What I really love about this venue is the ease at which I can create a rich and varied set of images for my client. Some venues may have one or two areas where you can make a pretty decent picture, but at this wonderful place, which is only 30 minutes away from the Cardiff wedding venues, I was really spoilt for choice. The truth of the matter, is I could have easily spend another hour with them shooting portraits, but the day isn't just about the pictures. I want my bride to be comfortable and for her to have fun and enjoy the day.

We had already made some very impressive pictures on the driveway using the setting sun, and also managed to quickly get out on to one of the fairways. We were making our way back to the hotel, and as usual I am always looking for further opportunities to make more pictures. The gatehouse had just lit up as it was getting dark and the sky had some really cool textures. I knew that I could balance that sky, then create some drama by lighting them up from the back. so, I guess thats just what I did and voila! Needless to say I got very excited when I looked at this image on the back of the camera.

I actually very much enjoy creating images after dark. Sometimes more light isn't better light. The small amount of accent light created by my flash is all that was needed her to create one of my favourite images of the year.

Location: St Pierre Marriott Hotel, Chepstow, South Wales.