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Weddings At The Maes Manor Hotel

When you're a wedding photographer in South Wales, you will undoubtedly be photographing at the Maes Manor Hotel in Blackwood. Being from Blackwood myself, I actually find myself photographing weddings here a few times a year.

This is by no means a bad thing, I also got married here myself and so did my sister. In fact, I've attended many family function and wedding here over the years.

Even though I photograph here so often, I'm always able to find something different so that my client's gallery doesn't just look the same as my other client's. As a creative person, simply reproducing the same image for every client goes against the grain for me.

At this wedding it was a particularly drizzly day in July, so it was also around 25 degrees Celsius. Hot and muggy you may call it. As the rain had eased a little, we decided to go outside, umbrella at the ready, to make some pictures. This couple were so easy to photograph, the warmth and easy-going nature of these guys is the holy grail for me when taking these types of pictures. 

Even though it was cloudy, there was a surprising quality to the light that I really enjoyed working with. This image is currently displayed 40 inches wide at the Maes Manor Hotel in the Foyer. It's also gracing the wall of my studio, and naturally this very website. You could say that I'm rather fond of it!

Location: Maes Manor Hotel Maes Rudded Lane, Blackwood NP12 0AG.