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Weddings At Canada Lodge In Cardiff

One of my favourite South Wales weddings of 2016, held at the insanely beautiful Canada Lodge and Lake in Cardiff.

This whole family are highly valued clients of mine, as you can include a wedding and two newborn photo sessions in my experience here. It's very satisfying to me personally when clients come back for other services that we offer, as it let's us know that we are making a difference and providing them with a great service.

This image here has actually been awarded Bronze by the Guild of Photographers. I'm not someone who usually buys into awards, as most clients only really care about what you can do for them, and whether you're trustworthy. For the small amount who do value accolades though, we send off a number of images per year to be judged by a panel of our peers for technical critique.

Whilst this image is technically sound, as are any picture that I supply to a client, this particular one I feel is very powerful. Capturing emotion through a lens isn't something that is straightforward. Full disclosure: some weddings have more emotion than others. Though if you've been to many weddings at guests, this probably isn't news to you. I really love weddings like this one where the emotion was in plentiful supply, as for me it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Sometimes you need to work a little harder to find that emotion, but a this event, I could literally show you hundreds more that had emotion like this one.

Location: Heol Pant-Y-Gored, Creigiau, Cardiff CF15 9NF.